“Cupping has been practiced as a remedial therapy for thousands of years; its origins being from China. Ancient Egyptians were the first to systemize the use of Cupping. Egyptian documents describe the process of Wet Cupping as a useful way to remove foreign matter from the body. The Egyptians also introduced Greece to Cupping, who then went on to use it for nearly every ailment. Cupping techniques and methods have varied and evolved over the ages and the continents. When Hijama (Cupping) was legislated as a highly recommended means of cure in Islam, it came with its own rules. Even though Cupping had been practiced well before the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), once it had become a part of Islam, it became a therapy similar to the Cupping that the rest of the world practiced, but not the same.” (Simply Hijamah)


“Hijama cupping therapy is a powerful way of helping the body heal itself. It works by removing stale, stagnant blood and other pathogens through the skin. It is an organic and natural alternative to conventional medicine. Hijama can work hand in hand with conventional (allopathic) medicine.

Hijama works by creating a negative pressure (using a suction pump and cup) in the area applied, thereafter, small superficial incisions are made on the skin and the cup is reapplied. It works as an effective pain relief and removes stagnant blood from beneath the surface of the skin. Thus helping to relieve pain and reduce congestion. It works in the opposite way to massage therapy, because during massage a great deal of pressure is applied to the surface of the skin, but the result of both therapies is the same. Hijama therapy is not painful, the strongest vacuum feels like a hard pinch.” (Simply Hijamah)

Cupping employs suction through cups using some kind of vacuum to create negative pressure in the cup. This pressure draws the skin up into the cup, creating space between the skin, fascia and muscles while drawing more blood to the area. Cupping breaks capillaries on the surface of the skin and this causes temporary bruising. The bruising only lasts a few days. The breaking of these capillaries is a microtrauma which creates a healing process. 

Cupping pulls stagnation, lactic acid, and other metabolic wastes from the deeper layers of tissue. Cups are applied to the skin to create a vacuum which helps to bring new blood to specific areas of the body which then repairs and heals the affected area. 

Cupping strongly increases circulation to an area up to 4 inches below where the cup was placed. Dead, stagnant blood is removed and fresh blood and oxygen rush to the tissue increasing the speed of repair and recovery.

Cupping extracts toxins from the blood by way of shallow incisions on the skin. The healing process is accelerated when these toxins are removed. Cupping increases the production of red and white blood cells which in turn strengthen the body. Removing stagnant blood from the body strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, and decreases inflammation. Simply put: Cupping  looks to address the source of the problem rather than just addressing the symptoms.


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